Guest Posting: Guide to Promote Yourself as a Guest Author


What is a guest post?

The SEO, in our times, is a set of strategies that bases a part of its foundations on the off-site sector: that is, on those techniques of positioning on the pages of search engines that are not applied directly on our website, but outside it. From this point of view, there is nothing more useful than guest posting: this practice, in fact, helps to get more traffic of users to our site and, at the same time, increases our credibility in the eyes of Google, pushing our portal to gain a better ranking on SERP search engines. But what is a guest post, how does it work, and what are the benefits of guest posting? Let’s discover it together in this guide, keeping in mind that:


The guest post in detail

The literal translation of guest posts is “guest article”: from this, the practice of guest posting could be translated as “leaving someone else’s article on their blog”. This, in other words, means that if you write text content for a blog other than yours, and you sign it, you have automatically written a guest post. But the question is much less simple than appearances: to be so, a guest post will need to contain not only your signature, but also a backlink to your portal. In this way, in fact, you can get a double advantage due to the common practice of external link building.


Evaluate the return of guest post activity

To understand if our action has a real return it is necessary to open Analytics and monitor the accesses to our website/page. By analyzing the referrals we can understand if our guest post has generated visits and in that case, in addition to acquiring direct traffic, in the future we may see rank improvements for the keywords for which we have made the posting activity.


How does guest posting work?

The operation of the guest posting – once you understand the operation of the external link building – is really very simple. By writing an article for a guest blog and providing it with an entry link to your portal, you will be able to make yourself known by readers of the blog that hosted you, also giving him the opportunity to visit your site directly, by clicking on the link. But that is not the end of the story: Google, in fact, measures the authority of your website giving great weight to the presence of backlinks that refer to your portal, as a guarantee of quality of content that you offer users, in addition to the classic factors determined by the SEO on-site. In other words: The more quality guest posts you write, the more you will gain advantages in positioning on search engines such as Google, provided you include them in a wise link building strategy.


Guest posting: Is it really so simple?

Writing a guest post is really a simple operation, but finding a blog willing to publish it may not be so obvious. First of all it is good to know that, to have a real advantage in terms of traffic and positioning, you will have to publish your guest post on a blog renowned, visited and with a large number of readers: for this reason, just above, we talked about “quality guest posts”. The reason is due to the fact that, to get improvements in your ranking on Google, you will have to be hosted by a blog very visited and famous, a concept that some SEOs express by specifying that you need a high domain authority: the reason? By providing a link to your site, the guest blog will also transfer part of its authority to you. Which means that if you post an article on a blog with an authority equal to or less than yours, you’ll have a lesser benefit from the guest posting you just did.


How do I post a guest?

To publish a guest post on a blog with many users in tow, you will necessarily have to convince the owner or operator of that blog. There are two ways to do this: open your wallet and buy space for your guest post, or write a great quality article that can be very useful to both the guest blog and its readers. The latter route is the noblest, but also the most difficult: it’s really difficult to find a famous blog that does it for free. On the contrary, finding someone who does it for money is not that difficult: it depends on your budget and the figures you are willing to invest in guest posting.


What are the benefits of guest posting?

If these facts have discouraged then you should be aware that these are often investments that pay off with interest. Getting an entry link from a very famous guest blog, in fact, means getting in return an increase in the authority of your site. Also consider that you will have the opportunity to intercept a large number of new visitors, taking advantage of the good name of the portal that has published your guest post, in itself a guarantee of quality. In this way you can increase the traffic of users on your pages: especially if, after a first click, you win their attention with quality articles and useful for their needs, making them loyal. With a few prestigious guest posts, you could get huge advantages in terms of traffic and domain authority.


Some useful tips for guest posting

Paying, as mentioned earlier, is not the only way to guest postings. For example, you could get a space on an external blog by proposing an exchange of guest posts: in this case, however, be very careful not to exchange backlinks with blogs with authority lower than yours. In addition, to maximize the benefits of guest posting, also try to carefully select the guest blog, choosing one that is consistent with the topic covered by your article and your site: otherwise, you may not get any advantage.  Guest posts with outreach as a service is also something that you can leverage by contacting experts that do this as a business.


Analyze the guest blog that will host our post

Before understanding whether it makes sense to write an article to publish on a guest blog for free, it is appropriate to understand some of the things about the site that will host our content.