Evolution of Graphics and Printing


Technology Evolution through Time

Technology has dramatically shaped the face of our planet and has impacted virtually every aspect of our daily lives.  This has been an ongoing human development over the course of the centuries, of course.  Depending on the art, industry, or science, the pace of this change has been either gradual through time or more dramatic in recent history.

Looking at the past fifty years, one of the biggest stories is around computers and the software the runs the hardware that makes the magic happen.  The original data processing needs of computers and the problems they solved were very specific and small scale.  Today, all you need to look at is probably only your own wrist to see the pervasiveness of how much calculation, processing, and resulting connectivity and output is being provided.

Transportation Industry Evolution

The transportation industry and many others were dramatically impacted in the past 100 to 200 years as forces of locomotive evolution and technology miniaturization developed tremendously.  Back again to computing and electronics, you also see tremendous results with the same aspect of smaller electronics and the new applications and capabilities they enable.

Evolution of Printing and Graphics

Another industry that has received tremendous benefit from technology benefit is printing.  Looking back to the beginnings of this capability, we had artists and craftsmen that used personal tools to develop the final product.  In the earliest days, we’re talking about learned scholars and artists carving into wet clay or potter that was later fired in the a kiln.

Later, we had scholars, scribes, scientists, monks, and other learned individuals that had the education and skills to be able to directly create manuscripts and books.  Eventually, the printing press was created and the ability to mass create books was a major development in human history and had massive ramifications on society.

As we moved into the industrial age with factories and large scale machinery, we came into a period of time that lasted with fairly the same look and feel of how things were done until the last few decades.  Essentially, there were large machines that would print books, magazines, advertising materials, and things of that nature.

The major development in this space has been the combination of printing hardware that has gotten smaller, less expensive, and coupled with powerful computer hardware and especially software to make amazing things happen.  Now, what only could’ve been obtained with a large deal of money, planning, and physical effort, you can instead do small print runs, just in time printing, and overall much cheaper printing and outstanding professional results that are accessible for every level of business or even private individual.  A great example of the new type of printer and graphics company is Clash Graphics.  Take a look at their offerings and you’ll see just how far we’ve come.