How to Find Reliable Screen Printing Company


You’ve just formed a community softball team and are looking to get matching team jerseys. Maybe to further promote your brand and team unity, you’ve decided to implement work uniforms for your business. Or perhaps you’ve come up with an awesome design and now you’re looking for custom t-shirt printing in Las Vegas

Whatever your case may be, finding a dependable screen printing company here in Las Vegas can be easy and hassle-free with these few tips.

But first, a quick word on what screen printing is.

What is Screen Printing

Screen printing is a chemical process that prints your logo, brand, or picture onto your desired product (i.e. t-shirts, sweaters, etc.). It involves a stencil or screen of your logo design, which then gets applied to a film. The film is processed through a light, pressure washed and then placed onto the product where ink is poured over it. Tape is applied to the product to ensure proper application of ink. The final steps have the ink pressed onto the material and finally cleaned and inspected for quality assurance.

Screen printing is an excellent choice if you want bright and vibrant colors on your fabric. Even on darker fabric, you’ll notice the vivid colors that screen printing produces. Additionally, you’ll find screen printing will give off a subtle, tactile feel due to the layering of ink. Since the same stencil is used, it’s also beneficial when you need a design replicated multiple times (such as team jerseys or work uniforms).

Finding a Reliable Screen Printing Company

Not all screen printing companies are the same. It’s important to do your due diligence when looking for someone to complete your job. Here are a few tips on finding a reliable screen printing company:

Services Provided: Do you have a logo in mind and just looking to print? Or are you looking for design help as well as the printing? Some companies will only provide the printing and may not have in-house designers. Make sure you are aware of all the services that are available to you.

Track Record: Experience speaks for itself. Check to see how long the company has been in business. Do they meet customer deadlines? Are they easy to work with? Ways to find out some of this information is through their website, but also check out online reviews for customer feedback.

Portfolio: Ask the company to see some of their previous work. They should be able to provide you with samples. With a portfolio, you’ll be able to get a better feel for the caliber and quality of work they produce.

Pricing: Check to see what type of rates the company charges. Are they in line with other Las Vegas shops? Screen printing companies operate in bulk, which means the ability to pass down savings to their customers.

Ask for a tour: To assess if a company is really committed to quality, ask for a quick tour of the shop. Do the floors feel sticky or is there ink on the floor? Does the equipment look well-maintained? Is it orderly and neat or is it cluttered and chaotic? While you may not be an expert on the various equipment/processes, a quick shop tour will give you some insight into the inner workings of the company.

Customer Service: Talk to the company and ask questions about their services, the printing process and what you’re looking for in your project. Do they seem friendly and professional? Do they answer your questions promptly? Perhaps some questions you can ask are:

  • Is there a limit on colors you can print?
  • What brands do you carry?
  • What are your turnaround times?
  • How much will it cost for my project?
  • Do you provide graphic design services?
  • Do you have minimum order requirements?

With a little research and due diligence, finding a reliable screen printing company here in Las Vegas is easy. Having been in the business for a number of years, we have a proven track record. We will go above and beyond to get your project completed in a professional and pain-free manner.

Contact us today to discuss your next screen printing project!